Generation Of The Hopeless

by Epiphany From The Abyss

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released July 9, 2012




Epiphany From The Abyss Québec

Epiphany from the Abyss is a deathmetal act from Quebec city canada.
All we do is smoke the weed and eat poutine.

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Track Name: Homicidal Disrespect
Kneel before your god, the old one has been dead for fucking centuries.
Abandoning the filthiest of creations; a race of liars and thieves;
Egocentric vermins
Track Name: The End Of A Dream
This is the end of a dream
in this world below our feet that was born on the day i did.
Only desolation now rules, so it will die on he day i do.
To love or to kill i don't give a fuck. The results will always be the same.
A momentary and agonizing satisfaction.
In this world below our feet, only desolation now rules.
Death pulses directed everyday against the whole society.
They make me believe that i am not alone to wish extermination.
Everyone has the same hate. Not anyone will let it rule their lives.
Everyday that passes by my asphyxiated mind is spent to gain more and more influence over my surroundings.
I pull the strings with malice.
An addiction to control, any of you only puppets.
Don't you find it horrible that i shall be the one who decides of a race's fate and that i also am enough grudged and tormented by evil to lie to my own self.
Track Name: No Redemption
I left this decrepit world for the sake of my collapsing mind
and to break this never ending cycle of agony that was soon to be known as mine. Now i can destroy something that's more worth it; More worth it than my fucking self. And remember that my words won't fade with time, paper can burn but such ideals can never die. Years spent for nothing and wrecked memories, they gave me the strength to leave the ghosts in which i believed, The magnificence of lucidity is such that i must change my ways of living. I won't let you control the era i have brought upon humanity. There is no narcissism in knowing that i hold all powers.
Advancing in front of my own fucking demise.
This is not, Redemption, it is a fucking cleansing.
There is no redemption, only a fucking cleansing.
There will be no savior. There is no redemption
Track Name: Eternal Purgatory
A common misconception of the origins of existence.
Accepted by the weak minded majority, by ignorants who lives in fear.
The false idea of a supreme being behind all of our filthy human actions.
Those are concepts that I will forever fight in the name of myself and only now, tell me how, can you believe in him. When all you bring to the world is pain. We disappear by the wills of ourselves. Trust is all fake.
Look down when i stare at you. A prophecy written now by me shows it's all fake. When all you bring to the world is pain. All what mankind brought the world was fucking pain. The small amount of time i was given at random on this earth will be used to create an army of cynic non-believers. Together we will have the power to bring an end to thousand years of lies.
Bring me your god and i shall laugh right in his face.
Track Name: Angst of the cold depths beneath the world
We are a useless waste of flesh.
Even with guns directed right to our heads
we pray for someone who has never been there.
So do we deserve nothing but to be dead.
That is not dead, which can eternal lie
and with strange eons, even death may die.
we are a useless waste of flesh.
Track Name: Generation Of the Hopeless
We are a virus which symptoms are civilization.
School, banks, democracy and our own holy fucking freedom conception.
Either we go on a global revolution, or we shall face extermination.
A Generation of the hopeless, a sarcastic portrait of whats left.
Of a race that belongs no more, in a world that inspires nothing less but desperation. We were left an agonizing world , and we'll always be stuck with this filthy human way of thinking. We won't ever save ourselves.
We were left an era of bacteriological warfare. Decimating the innocents,
slowly reminding us that we are. We are lambs to the slaughter,
No man has learned to fear the future of disrespect.
So lets pretend, lets not react. Lets watch the dead rise from their graves.
Watch humanity rot as everything falls appart.
As worms and beasts will feed upon their flesh.
Track Name: Of Prophecies ( A never ending misery )
I have proven the existence of god with a rolled up bill and a piece of mirror. One more prayer and you'll meet me in the afterworld.
Evil is no metaphor , Neither am i. Because i shall forever mean the end of all life on earth. One more day before they take on our world.
A swarm from the underground. Brought to life only by my will and hate.
There is nothing left for us, There is no possibility of you to rest in peace.
I will destroy all that you've become.
Track Name: Living for nothing
This is an hymn against life, this is an allegiance to hatred.
All that we love always fucking fades, and that won't ever change.
It seems our race has been cursed at the very moment it spoke it's first words. Through hypocrisy we get older, we seem to advance but we never even progress. All that we do by mercy or by pure evil will only be forgotten. Look inside my dead eyes. If the only way to prevent pain is to prevent life we must meticulously use it everyday to do so.
I have no reason to stay , no reason to pray except to show you my most outstanding hate. No reason to pray.
Living for nothing. Hating every fucking thing. Look inside my dead eyes.
For every prayers done in vain for all the deaths that stays unexplained.
Track Name: The Struggle
Paranoid walks a man who's eyes reflects only his psychopathic nature.
Horrified his words can only mean his temptation to kill.
There is nothing between me and this world's finale noise.
Each of us will inhabit the graveyard we built our world upon.
Horrifié par l'appel de la cruauté. Démembré sans raisons pour sa criss de satisfaction. Tourmenté, à en désirer mourrir. J'avance avec difficulté dans un labyrinthe d'angoisse. Still there's our way back there.
Everyone knows the only truth. A Second, we're nothing, we're born a heartbeat from the grave. Through my acts you will see a misconception that shall never rule this world again. Through my eyes you will know a path that leads to chaos we were forced to endure.
Live hard or be crushed , this is the way things are.
An epiphany from the abyss.
Track Name: The relic
The democracy feeds us with disfigured realities slaving our minds till' death. Until we become equally pathetic numbers. A media controlled era, a time of false ideas. This is all we were left on this earth for.
To demonstrate society's power over our rightful instincts.
Defending yourselves the best way you can against the army of disinformation, is the only thing left for you now. Do not try to fight, do not try to live in truth because we live in a system of lies.
I bear the weight of the last minutes of your lives.
Track Name: Desecration of the buried
We all will be forgotten. A mass extinction arises.
No mercy will be shown by the forces of nature.
A mass extinction now arises. We all will be forgotten now.
Centuries of hatred and organized exploitation have lead our kind to where it lays dying now. Help me bury our lives, i've proven that tomorrow holds nothing more than what yesterday gave us.
For one last time the human race, will be brought to it's fucking knees.
To suffer from the end of days. Let's desecrate all that come to our dying hands. Even the devil's in agony as he painfully uses his last breath to say. MANKIND IS FUCKING DEAD.
We are at the edge of our final downfall, at the sunset of our fucking race.
Even your god is supposed to know that my hate is stronger than death itself and my hate in the human kind is so strong that it consumes every other feelings i could have had within the emptiness of my broken life.